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Having been surprisingly beaten at home by Dun Laoghaire the previous week, the final match of the season took on a much greater significance - the prize being 3rd place in Division 2.

With the top two places now well out of reach, things could not have been closer for 3rd place between Westmanstown (3rd place - 70.5 points) Skerries (4th place - 65.5 points) and Dun Laoghaire (5th place - 65 points).

Whilst there were so many permutations that could determine 3rd place, perhaps the most important result would have to be an emphatic home win against rivals Westmanstown.

After 10 ends, it was 2 Rinks apiece, with Skerries ahead on Shots (50 - 46) but with all to play for. Five ends later, we were winning all 4 Rinks and had increased the shot difference to 25.

With the final end to play, Skerries were assured of the "Overall" as they had stretched the shots difference to 35. Despite this, things were getting very tight and interesting on Rink 4. At one stage Skerries were some 15 shots ahead but Westmanstown gradually pulled themselves back into contention and going into the last end were just one point behind. With one bowl remaining,Westmanstown were holding two shots but with his last bowl, the Skerries "Skip" managed to draw in to take the second shot - Rink drawn.

At the conclusion, the result was:
Skerries 108 shots (6.5 points), Westmanstown 73 shots (0.5 points).

In terms of the League, final placings were as follows:-
3rd place - Skerries - 72 points
4th place - Westmanstown - 71 points
5th place - Dun Laoghaire - 70 points.

This represents our best finish ever in Division 2 and beats our previous 3rd place in 2015, albeit by 0.5 points.

Thanks to all who contributed to the Team and helped us to an extremely successful season.

The Veteran's Division 2 League has now been completed. Congratulations to the winners Greenhills B.C. Well done to all the Members who played during the course of the League. During the campaign, the team played 14 matches, won 7, lost 7, accumulated 27 Points and finished in a very creditable 4th place.